Prescribing Safety Assessment

sunday 30th Jan 2022

An intensive one-day crash course aimed at preparing you for the Prescribing Safety Assessment (PSA) examination 2022.

9 am until 5:30 pm.

Normally £29, but it’s FREE for our members!

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An intensive one-day revision crash course designed to prepare you for the PSA.

From the basics of prescribing, to providing patients with information, we’ll tackle the prescribing scenarios commonly encountered in the PSA.

Along the way, we’ll highlight the key concepts, and help you to consolidate the important facts. In the afternoon session, we’ll tackle calculation skills, adverse drug reactions, data interpretation and drug monitoring.

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8 domains, thoroughly explained and practiced.

Let us guide you through the eight domains of the PSA, with plenty of worked examples and practice!

I - Prescribing

II - Prescription Review

III - Planning Management

IV - Providing Information

V - Calculation Skills

VI - Adverse Drug Reactions

VII - Drug Monitoring

VIII - Data Interpretation

High-definition recordings available for members soon afterwards.

Rewind and re-watch all of the course content at your leisure (with speed controls of course!).

All FREE for our members.

An intensive one-day Prescribing Crash Course. LIVE streamed & interactive.

sunday 30th january 2022

09:00 – Welcome

09:15 – Overview of the PSA

09:50 – Domain 1: Prescribing

10:55 – Break

11:10 – Domain 2: Prescriptions Review

12:15 – Domain 3: Planning Management

12:50 – Lunch

13:30 – Domain 4: Providing Information

14:00 – Domain 5: Calculation Skills

15:05 – Domain 6: Adverse Drug Reactions

15:50 – Break

16:05 – Domain 7: Drug Monitoring

16:45 – Domain 8: Data Interpretation

17:30 – Q&A and close

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