Our Story

We’re three junior doctors, who one day put our heads together and thought – there’s a better way of doing this.

Benjamin Smeeton, co-founder

Our vision

A shared ambition

to simplify medical education.

As students we felt that online medical revision services were lacking and that there was considerable room for innovation. Unified by our shared passion we set about building a company to change the way medicine is taught online.

The Doctors

Mr. Benjamin Smeeton

BSc (Hons) BMBS MRCS (Eng)

A Plastics Registrar in Broomfield, Ben is a driven and enthusiastic individual. He is a trainee plastic surgeon, competent coder with a good eye for design.

Dr. Benjamin Norton


Ever passionate about medicine, Ben is Medical Registrar in London. He is interested in Gastroenterology and outside of work he enjoys cricket and rugby.

Mr. Samuel Belete

BSc (Hons) BMBS MRCS (Eng)

A surgical doctor in North West London, Sam developed an interest in medical education during his time at university. Outside of business, Sam is a qualified rescue diver.


Philip Cameron


An entrepreneur with a difference. Phil has been central to the development of Pulsenotes. As founder and CEO of No. 1 he has created a multi-million pound a year business.


A natural evolution of our shared passion - teaching.

Pulsenotes was first envisioned by Benjamin Smeeton and Benjamin Norton, whilst medical students at the University of Exeter. They felt that current online medical revision services were lacking and that there was considerable room for improvement and innovation. Realising the scope of their vision they brought on board Samuel Belete, a fellow medical student. With their broad skills base and a unified sense of purpose, the newly fashioned Pulsenotes team began to drive the business forward in earnest.


A multi-award winning medical education start-up with unbridled ambition.

We provide students with an immersive and intuitive online learning environment encompassing concise video lectures, applied self-assessment & comprehensive lecture notes. Built from the ground up in-house, our online platform distances itself from the competition. Design perfectly compliments functionality. Visual cues guide the user making the site immediately familiar and intuitive.


Pulsenotes is ready to revolutionise the online education sector.

We will continue to push boundaries, relentlessly innovating and updating our resources. 2020 will see the company grow faster than ever before, as we establish ourselves as the new benchmark in medical education.


We’re currently on the lookout for a part-time Ruby on rails / app developer – If you’re a passionate worker and think you have what it takes, contact us!

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