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One platform – video lectures, questions and notes.

Created by junior doctors, pulsenotes is an online medical revision platform with a difference. We dissect medicine of it’s complexity – delivering visually stunning resources, consistent in quality, with simple explanations.


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Beautiful, simple.
Let us accompany you along your student journey. Utilise pulsenotes day-to-day to help complement your undergraduate study. Accessible anywhere, anytime from your laptop, tablet or mobile device.



Prepare effectively for your next exam.
With over 500 multiple-choice questions, kick start your revision with our bespoke platform, easily tailoring the perfect mock examination. All answers are thoroughly explained with related videos and notes just a click away.



Always on hand for an instant reference.
Two clicks, two taps – our easily navigated platform constitutes the perfect medical reference tool. Ideal for last minute checking whilst commuting to placement. Best of all, our notes are completely free!


Up-to-date, ever expanding.

Medicine isn’t static, and neither is our library – our content grows as you do.

Every few months we’ll release a new series comprehensively covering a new area of medicine / surgery.

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A fully-interactive, up-to-date,
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